Alec and Emily Martinez, Carlsbad, CA

Alec and Emily are starting lots of things these days. They got married in 2013 and started their new life together in Southern California, they started a family with baby Remi, and then they started collecting art. Their first acquisition was this small painting from the Whirlwind series (12 by 12 inches, Acrylic on panel). Their starter home wasn’t big, so they needed a painting that packed a punch, but without taking up a lot of real estate. This piece features a rich surface, rhythmic patterns, and an almost palpable sense of time’s passing.

It reminds us of the architecture all around us in Southern California. The painting seems to be infused with life and light.
— Alec

Dr. David and Cindy Cowall, Nanticoke, MD

In 2005, when Dr. David Cowall and his wife Cindy were building a new home on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, they commissioned Brooke to create a series of five paintings (Various dimensions, Acrylic on shaped linen panels) to hang in the central stairwell. The soaring space was designed to suggest a wood-shingled lighthouse. In accord with both the waterfront setting of their new residence and their enthusiasm for adventure travel and scuba diving, the Cowalls now have a suite of five paintings born of water and the forces of nature. The shifting forms and changing light of the sea are echoed in the liquid colors pulled across the canvas by gravity itself.

We so enjoy passing by the paintings each time we go up or down the stairs...many times each day and evening. The natural lighting in the tower illuminates the paintings, which changes the mood of them in the evening.
— David and Cindy

Amy Kuehl, Vista, CA

Amy Kuehl is a freelance writer who spends a lot of time working from home. She and her husband, Tyler, acquired “Groundswell” (48 by 36 inches, Powdered graphite and acrylic on canvas), from the In the Offing series in 2018. ‘The offing’ is a nautical term referring to that region of the ocean that can be seen from shore, but is closer to the horizon than to land, bridging earth and sky. Each of the tiles in the diamond pattern is like a tiny view of the horizon, a little patch of seascape.

This painting hangs in our dining room. I can see it while I’m writing. It’s very soothing.
— Amy